Somewhere in your closet there hangs a borrowed-from-the-boys-fit dress shirt in perfect, blindingly white crisp cotton. Most likely freshly washed and ironed. It’s the shirt that you took along on your trip to Florence, that you wear for dinners to your favorite neighborhood restaurant and that has seen countless cups of coffee at the office. That’s ZENGGI. Just like that white dress shirt. Effortless, feminine and a tad rugged, if you allow it to be. Suitable for both fervent high-heel wearers and those who prefer sneakers. Simple and timeless. Because style lasts longer.


A passion for fabrics is in ZENGGI’s blood. Seemingly simple designs develop from the unique properties of beautiful materials and the search for the perfect fit. This allows the ZENGGI skirt to emerge from your suitcase wrinkle-free and a simple design to add flair through the use of a luxurious fabric. The materials are the focal point. In line with this philosophy, ZENGGI works with unique fabrics such as silk, Japanese polyester and mohair wool.


ZENGGI believes that style is a durable good. A trend sporadically and temporarily flows along with the times - but style remains. It is free of trivial issues such as time, trends and age. That’s why designer and ZENGGI’s founder Marian Wigger chooses items for her collections that last longer than just one season. Not only in terms of style, but also in regard to quality. These are pieces that ultimately become favorites thanks to their eye for detail in seams, fabrics and lines. Season after season after season.

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