Most of our knits are made of (a mix of) wool. In general wool can be described as hair that is spun to fibers and used for items that keep people warm in the wintertime. Well, at least, that’s our definition of it. Although wool typically means wool from a sheep, it can come from a variety of animals. These are the wools you’ll find in our latest collection:

Merino wool

Merino wool comes from the merino sheep and is known to be ultrafine. The finer the merino wool is, the softer and more expensive it is too. Discover our merino wool items.

Alpaca wool

Three of our wool mixes contain alpaca wool. The wool comes from the alpaca (that looks like a small llama). We love to mix it because it is one of the softest wools we know! 

Cashmere Wool

Cashmere comes from, you probably guessed, cashmere goats and is known to be warm, but most of all, extremely lightweight and extremely comfy. Curious about our cashmere items? Take a look

Mohair Wool

Mohair comes from the Angora goat. It’s a light and fluffy wool. Mohair is used for loosely knitted items that are as light as a feather. See our mohair items.


Almost all ZENGGI’s knits are produced in Italy. Our Italian partners know where to find the best wool and how to create the most beautiful items using it! One of our favorites this season is the cashmere mix pullover: a super soft and cozy item that is knitted in one piece, no seams means no waste! 

Love your knits

  • To make sure your knit stays in great shape, resist the temptation of never taking it off. Instead leave it to rest for a day after wearing it.
  • Try not to wash your knit too often. If you do wash the item, just lay it on a flat surface with a towel underneath for it to dry.
  • Your knit will always look a little different when you take it out of the washing machine. Don’t worry! Just gently bring it back into shape.
  • Even if you do find those loops (for hanging) in your knits, it doesn’t mean your knit actually wants to end up on a hanger. It would rather be folded.
  • Last but not least, your knit will pill. That’s part of the deal with wool, and especially with looser knit items. A special comb can help you get rid of the pills. In general: taking good care of your knit will reduce pilling.

Find out more about the other fabrics we used for the new fall/winter collection here.

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