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ZENGGI goes culinair!

In the summertime we love to enjoy a bite on a terrace and watch people pass by. Or we take a trip to the beach, where numerous great restaurants are popping up. If you want to try something different though, you can also visit a food festival or culinary event. From Food Trucks to wine and dine, ZENGGI has selected a few must visits. The best thing is, (nearly) all of them will take place in the next month(s). Enjoy your Indian Summer! 

Food and the City (or the beach)

We love citytrips, but always seem lost for time to visit all culinary gems of a city. Great news! Events like Preuvenemint, Haarlem Culinair (which happened to take place last weekend, but is definitely on our 2019 list), Lekker Uden and VIS|SCH on the beach of Scheveningen offer you the chance to discover their most popular restaurants. Have some small bites at one of the pop-ups or hop from one to the other to enjoy a wide range of delicacies! 

Food Trucks

Food Trucks are the “rolling” proof that you don’t need to have a restaurant to share your favorite dishes. One-of-a-kind cuisine and loads of artisan delights can be tasted at these lovely Food Truck festivals: Proefpark Haarlem, Festival Trek (The Hague), Hippe Happen (Den Bosch) and the Pure Market which takes place every Sunday in Amsterdam.

Wine no Dine!

At ZENGGI we love good food, but we’ll certainly not say no to a great glass of wine either! Our early summer favorite is Bacchus Winefestival in the Amsterdam Woods. We know, that’s not a lot of use in August, we’re sorry. Keep it in mind for next year! Luckily there are two other wine events coming up in September: the Amsterdam Wine Festival and Winefestival Groningen.

Food Plus

Some events take enjoying an evening out to the next level! The traveling theaterfestival de Parade is one of them. Climb the carroussel, celebrate summer with a jug of sangria, visit a show and have an Asian, Mexican or Dutch meal at one of the picknick tables. In case your children are lovers of the zoo, the animal park in Amersfoort is open till late in August for you to have a bite and listen to live music surrounded by wild animals!

International Events

If you happen to be in Paris at the end of October, there’s a treat waiting for you there! Salon du Chocolat is the place to be for chocolate artist. Be sure not to miss out on the yearly fashion show that combines the best of both worlds: chocolate and clothes. The Swiss also know how to enjoy some good food though. Le Geneva Street Food Festival is a laid-back culinary event with many Food Trucks filled with delicious food for you to share with friends or family at the Promenade-de-Sante-Antoine. Sounds like a great way to end your summer if you ask us!

ps. Are you a bride (or groom) to be? More and more couples are providing their guests with a real Food Truck experience instead of a dinner!

All upcoming events!

Now - 12/8: de Parade, Utrecht
16/8 - 19/8: DierenPark Amersfoort Foodfestival
17/8 - 2/9: de Parade, Amsterdam

23/8 - 26/8: Preuvenemint, Maastricht
24/8 - 26/8: Proefpark, Haarlem
31/8 - 2/9: Lekker Uden
31/8 - 2/9: Le Geneva Street Food Festival, Zwitserland
6/9 - 9/9: Festival Trek, Den Haag
21/9 - 23/9: Hippe Happen, Den Bosch

28/9 - 30/9: Wine festival Groningen & Amsterdam Wine Festival

31/10-4/11: Salon du Chocolat, Parijs

To do’s in 2019

- Bacchus Wijnfestival, June, Amsterdamse Bos
- Haarlem Culinair, July/August
- VIS|SCH, June, Scheveningen

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