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Marian's Favorites - October

Every month we will highlight one item or fabric, these are “Marian’s favorites”. ZENGGI’s designer Marian will give you some inside information about the fabrics she uses, the items she is personally a great fan of, and how she combines them into outfits you too will love to wear.

Washed Flannel

The newest ZENGGI fall/winter collection is characterized by loads of soft and cozy fabrics. One of our favorites is the Washed Flannel from Italy. This woven fabric is a real classic, that is totally back in fashion. That’s why we created a skirt, two pairs of pants and even a Washed Flannel Polo Dress that will help you get through the winter smiling. 

What is it?

Flannel is known as a wintery fabric with a light soft fuzz. The fabric is warm by nature and could remind you of flannel men's suits. We love them, and think our Italian Washed Flannel items will surely add some extra coziness to your winter wardrobe.


Regular flannel is a little rougher than our flannel. That’s because ours is washed. Why? For this simple reason: we all know how new items become more comfy after we have worn and washed them a few times. The fabric starts to soften up and we can move more freely in them. Just like a new pair of shoes. Well, the same goes for flannel. We pre-washed it for you, so when you slip on those pants or that dress, instant comfort is what you’re getting! You’re welcome!

Fashionably Flannel

The Washed Flannel Pants and Chino are comfy items with a regular to relaxed fit. They can be combined with almost any top, shirt or pullover. Personally, we love wearing them a loose pullover or wooly turtleneck. Our Washed Flannel Skirt is another winter must-have. The A-line, knee-length skirt is great with a shirt tucked in or a chunky knit to finish off that bold and cozy look. For real Washed Flannel lovers, our Polo Dress is a treat! This knee-length dress is designed for a little looser fit, with a long sleeve, buttons down the front and a matching sash for accentuating the waist, if you feel like it. 

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