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Marian's Favorites

Every month we highlight one item or fabric; these are 'Marian’s favorites'. 


ZENGGI’s designer Marian Wigger will give you some inside information about the fabrics she uses, the items she is personally a great fan of and how she combines them into compelling outfits. Marian’s collections are known for their high quality, durability and feminine style. Let’s not forget about comfort, as comfort is luxury too.


And it is this exact combination of ingredients that makes us very proud to introduce this new quality: cashmere. Not just cashmere. This is ecological cashmere. The cashmere garments in our new collection are very special and come with an equally special story! Let’s shine a light on this eco delight. 

Recycled cashmere

Marian's eyes light up when you ask her about this particular cashmere. “It is the softest you can ever imagine. Wearing one of these delicate knits feels like a warm embrace. And it makes you look both down to earth and fabulous.” 


ZENGGI only works with unique fabrics and yarns, the materials and qualities are always the focal point. Everything is designed to last longer than one season. So is this cashmere collection. It will last for years, it might even last a lifetime. In both style and quality. 

Cashmere collection

This eco cashmere is a real classic, never goes out of fashion. That’s why we created different styles and knits, whether you like a V-neck, turtle neck or round neck, we’ve got you covered. All fine knits in rich hues. The cashmere pants with elastic waist are ultra-comfortable and our wrap, a large shawl that goes well with about anything, is a real eye-catcher.


All of these cashmere items can be endlessly combined with different kinds of fabrics, styles, fits and prints. We love to wear it with a basic business pant or silky smooth skirt and a tough leather boot, either way, you’ll look very chic!  This collection will help you get through the winter warm and fashionably. 


However, cashmere can be worn as well in winter as in summer.  This high quality cashmere can be up to 8 times as warm as sheep wool, depending on the thickness. But the thinner sweaters made of cashmere can also be worn outside the winter. So please do wear your cashmere item also on those Indian summer nights and forest fall walks. 

Made in Italy with respect for people and our planet

Sustainability prevails in every ZENGGI collection, though this yarn is new to our collection. We take our social responsibility when developing a new fabric or yarn we want to add to our collection.


So no need to feel guilty when indulging in this luxury, as this specific make of cashmere is as ecofriendly as can be. Carefully produced and knit in Italy, using recycled fibers that are GBS (Global Reclycled Standard) certified. Blended with eco-friendly raw materials with extremely low environmental impact. So when wearing one of these cashmere items, you don’t just feel exquisite, you have helped to save water, electricity, chemicals ánd CO2. We have just doubled the feel good!

How it's made

Our recycled cashmere is made of 97% cashmere 3% wool. So soft and comfortable that you can hardly believe that this natural fiber comes from a goat. Obviously not just any goat, it is from the cashmere goat from the Himalayas.  

To understand why cashmere is so exclusive, it is essential to understand what cashmere exactly is. 

The wool of the cashmere goat is extracted by combing the undercoat of the goat. The soft fibers are therefore not made from the long hair of the goat, these are of stiffer quality. Not only is combing this undercoat a time-consuming process, but the sources are also very limited. The undercoat can only be collected once a year - per goat. In addition, sometimes four goats are needed to produce one sweater. This makes the wool of the cashmere goat extremely rare. 

On top of that, this fabric does not itch, we promise. Because the fibers curl into each other instead of running straight, as with Angora wool for example. The extra fine fibers are smaller than 18.5 micrometers and that makes the fabric super soft. 

Treat your cashmere items well

Cashmere requires some special care as it is so delicate. Please follow these instructions carefully and you will enjoy your cashmere item for a (life)long time.  

Remember this: cashmere loves water. It is machine washable, though be careful. Wash it on a wool programme on 30°c, using wool detergent and no softener. Put each garment in a separate washing bag (or pillow case) and do not wash with more than three items at once.

But don’t be too quick with your washing. It is best to let cashmere rest for a day or two after wearing it. This will help the fibres recuperate.

After washing, dry the garment flat on a towel. Iron at low temperature and you are advised to use a thin cloth between the iron and your item. Store your item laying flat; do not use a hanger as it will lose it’s shape.

Beware: cashmere items are prone to pill because they’re made from natural fibers. This annoying fuzz can occur due to friction. So mind those handbags and such.

We aim to reduce pilling to a minimum by our specific knitting process. If your item does start to pill, washing and ironing will help them back into place. If necessary, you can use a special cashmere comb to remove remaining pills.

Take good care of cashmere garments and it will take good care of you. Season after season. Year after year. 

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