Corporate Social Responsibility

ZENGGI opts for environmentally conscious production. This starts with our view on fashion and is reflected in every next step of the process. From the fabrics we use to the way we package our items. 


Slow Fashion

We realize that the traditional “take-make-waste” way of manufacturing has had an enormous negative impact on both man and nature globally. If you ask us, this could and should be done in a far more conscious manner.  


ZENGGI stands for slow fashion: timeless high-quality collections and items that will last a lifetime. To produce these items in the most responsible way possible, every step in the process is carefully thought through.  

Well-considered choices

Our customers are showing more interest in sustainable and honest apparel. Coincidentally, we are spending more time looking for ways to increase our added value. Not only for the items we produce, but also for the entire chain and our customers. One of the ways we do this, is by making well-considered choices regarding transport, production and fabrics.


Our collections are mainly produced in Europe. A choice that reduces the impact of transportation on the environment and ensures high European labor conditions at the same time. 


Innovative manufacturers from Italy and Japan create almost all fabrics we use. We have been working together for a long time and often consult them for ideas on how to create even more sustainable and even higher-quality items. 

Step by Step

We are very aware that everything we do has an effect on our environment. Keeping sustainability and a sense of responsibility in mind with every step we take, helps us minimize the footprint we leave. We are continuously on the lookout for ways to produce our great collections with even greater environmental care.

How we work

For us, corporate social responsibility is not an aim in itself. Rather, it describes how we work on a daily basis. At ZENGGI, we focus on staying up to date with trends that can contribute to an even more environmental friendly production. Day in, day out. 

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