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Youasme Measyou

This Dutch label that's financially made possible by a five year loan by a 'family' of founders specialises in high quality knitwear and jerseys - for both men and women. What it looks like? From designer basics to luxuary essentials. This seems totally within reach with designer Mark van Vorstenbos and art director Twan Janssen in charge.

Dress Slipover Dress Slipover
Dress Slipover
Youasme Measyou
€ 109.50 € 219.00
Big Top Big Top
Big Top
Youasme Measyou
€ 74.50 € 149.00
Blouse Shirt Blouse Shirt
Blouse Shirt
Youasme Measyou
€ 59.40 € 99.00